Jason Jurado
My role as your Coach is to assist you to discover your true path and support you in achieving your Goals.  Every client is unique and during our first consultation we will discover what you would like to achieve and discuss how I can  best support the realization of  your  Goals.​​​​​ We will also work to help you release any stress, anxiety or frustration that comes up around your Goals. 
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Performance Coaching  
Realize your Possibilities-Transform your World

 My focus is to assist you to achieve your goa​ls and objectives. Unlike some traditional​​​​ therapies, NLP Coaching and Therapy  does ​not have a set ​guideline of techniques and procedures that are u​sed on every client regardless of the  clients goals. I will work with you to discover and utilize your most productive Strategies , Values  and other internal representations that are already at your disposal but  are not being fully utilized for you to obtain your Goals.  Based on your individual goals, I will coach you on how to utilize and maximize your  capabilities, strategies and values so you can take the actions necessary to achieve your desired results. ​​​​​​​​
When we meet I will assist  you to create your  most compelling future. I will assist you in getting rid of past obstacles that may be keeping you from creating the future you want. We will focus on discovering the structure of what prevents you from achieving your goals and we will wo​rk to build new strategies that will assist you to make your  goals achievable. We will  focus on your Future, and the achievement of your  objectives.